GUIZHOU CHINA, In the Season of New Rice by Evelyn Nodwell

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GUIZHOU CHINA, In the Season of New Rice by Evelyn Nodwell
March 1, 2014 10:00 am
March 30, 2014 4:30 pm
February 5, 2014


GUIZHOU CHINA, In the Season of New Rice
By: Evelyn Nodwell

Exhibit date: March 1 – 30, 2014

An exhibition by anthropologist and award-winning photographer Evelyn Nodwell as she explores village and small town life in Guizhou Province  during China’s growing urbanization.

Guizhou is among the least developed of China’s provinces. Many villages are still accessible only over rough, winding and narrow gravel roads; some are only accessible on foot. More than one-third of Guizhou’s towns and steep, green hills are populated by an ethnically diverse population of many indigenous ethnic minorities.

After the fall harvest, villages stage festivals, a traditional time for courtship. Festival activities include water buffalo fights, bareback horse races, dancing, lusheng pipe playing and stalls of food, balloons and crafts.

Rice is an important crop. Fall festivals are often called Tasting New Rice Festivals. The dried rice stalks are important fodder for animals and are stacked in the fields in characteristic pointed dome shapes.

The beauty and spontaneity of these photographs were created in thanks to the welcoming openness and good nature of the Guizhou people.

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Leticia Sanchez

“We are the first foreigners ever to visit one village. They are so excited to have us. Water-buffalo fights, costumes and dancing.”
- Evelyn Nodwell Field Notes

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