2019 Courtyard Rejuvenation Project

As you explore the Garden you will see intricate patterns under your feet. Each area in this scholar’s home is unique, with the most intricate pattern found in the Central Courtyard outside of China Maple Hall.

Notice as you move through the rooms that the patterns change from floral, rounded shapes, to geometric, square forms. The rounded areas would have traditionally been considered the more feminine spaces, while the more rigid boxier designs were reserved for the Scholar’s private domains, such as his private study and courtyard.

These courtyards were hand-crafted with thousands of smooth pebbles collected from river beds in China, along with broken pieces of Chinese porcelain bowls and clay roof tiles. This combination created stunning artistic patterns that highlight the Daoist Yin and Yang philosophies present throughout the Garden.

As part of ongoing conservation projects, throughout the month of December Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden will be undergoing a Courtyard Rejuvenation Project to restore and repair portions of these beautiful courtyards.

Due to the precious and delicate nature of this garden-museum, our conservation work requires skilled craftsmen and specialists, able to replicate the work of the original 52 artisans who travelled from China for the initial construction of this classical garden.

As a visitor to the Garden your admission directly contributes to our ongoing conservation efforts, and our goal to preserve this beautiful space for many years to come. We encourage guests to observe the skilled work as the team moves throughout the Garden, undertaking repairs of damaged tilework and restoring the courtyards to their original glory.

We would like to thank our partners at the Vancouver Park Board and the Vancouver Heritage Foundation for their contributions to this and many other conservation projects. Our work to protect this space for future generations would not be possible without your ongoing support.

Starting October 1st the Garden will be open 11am-4pm Friday - Sunday

Explore our Mid-Autumn Moon decorations during your next visit to the Garden and tune in with us on social as we celebrate this annual festival virtually!