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Argentine Tango in Global Contexts: Concepts and Techniques with Dr. Yuiko Asaba

The roots of tango, which has become popular internationally since the start of the twentieth century, are closely associated with Argentina, especially the city of Buenos Aires. However, when adopted elsewhere in the world, tango has often taken on rather different forms from its Argentine “roots”; adapting to new cultural environments and acquiring a distinctive, new identity. In contemporary Japan, Argentine tango is widely performed including in classical concert venues and tango Milonga parties. Tango is now also popular among the younger generations of Japanese musicians. In this lecture, Dr. Yuiko Asaba will explore the world of Argentine tango performance from its historical “beginnings” to its contemporary international popularity by looking at tango in Japan as a case study. Through performance, this talk will introduce Argentine tango, how it has become adopted outside of Argentina, and how to teach tango in classroom contexts.



Lecture recording:

This lecture was held at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden on October 20, 2023.

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