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Vancouver International Chinese Calligraphy Contest

Vancouver International Chinese Calligraphy Contest

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Vancouver International Chinese Calligraphy Contest

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden & Artist in Residence Jiangang Su

The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden located in Vancouver, Canada will be collaborating with traditional Chinese calligraphy artist, Su Jiangang to present an international calligraphy competition highlighting the inherent beauty and aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy. This competition serves as a platform for anyone with an interest in traditional Chinese culture to share their creativity with a wider audience. We hope everyone will actively participate and look forward to seeing all the amazing submissions.






1. Creation of Content
1. 內容創作

The competition supports positive ancient/modern poems, couplets, aphorisms, and promotes all types of self-created poems. The number of characters in calligraphy works should not be less than four characters. Chinese calligraphic styles/fonts are not limited, and the size can not be smaller than standard Chinese traditional calligraphy paper 13.8”x 27.2” (35cm x 69cm). Work must be made on paper with a brush.

大賽支持正能量的古今詩詞、對聯、賦、格言,推廣各類自創詩詞。書法作品字數不得少於四字。中國書法風格/字體不限,尺寸不能小於標準中國傳統書法紙 13.8” x 27.2” (35cm x 69cm)。作品必須使用毛筆在宣紙上完成。

2. Submission Deadline
2. 提交截止日期

Entries will be collected from May 1st – June 30th and the results of the competition will be announced in mid-July.


3. Work Requirements

1. Calligraphy works should be legible, neat and clean, using standardized Chinese characters. Please ensure the work is free of typos and that the work is documented properly as this will be used as a criteria for judging.

2. The final work requires a clear signature.

3. All entries must be submitted no later than the deadline of June 30, 2023 at 12am PST. Otherwise, the work will be invalid. Late submissions will not be accepted.

4. Please use the form provided below to apply and submit your artwork.

Send the final work as a digital file (pdf, png, and jpeg formats are supported)

Minimum resolution 2550 px x 3300 px, Maximum resolution 3400 px x 4400 px


2. 最終作品需附清晰的簽名。

3. 所有參賽作品必須在太平洋標準時間 2023 年 6 月 30 日凌晨 12 點之前提交。逾期提交將不被接受,將按照無效處理。

4. 請使用下面提供的表格申請並提交您的作品。
將最終作品作為數字文件發送(支持 pdf、png 和 jpeg 格式)
最小分辨率 2550 px x 3300 px,最大分辨率 3400 px x 4400 px。

4. Contest Organizer / Adjudicators
4. 大賽主辦方/評委

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, in Vancouver, Canada “Host Organization”

Su Jiangang (artist-in-residence, calligrapher and painter of the Chinese Calligraphers Association) Vancouver Sao Ye Shan Fang Art Studio


5. Special Notes

1. To ensure eligibility in the competition, participants are required to fill out the form below and submit with all correct information (name, email number, contact number), size and digital file format, etc.

2. The artwork should not be defamatory, or promote values that are discriminatory against any particular group, incite hate, sexually-explicit, racially derogatory material or offensive in nature. The host organization and adjudicators reserve the right to refuse acceptance of the artwork and /or to withdraw artwork from the competition process if deemed inappropriate as noted above and will respect diversity of culture, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, and be free from political affiliation.

3. Entries must be completed by the entrants themselves. Otherwise, the entry will be invalid.

4. The host organization may post calligraphy work on their social media account or may create an account specifically for the promotion of Chinese calligraphy and the artform.

5. The contest organizers will create a small brochure/booklet that will include some of the winners and honorable mentions from the contest. Any artist who will be showcased in the booklet will be sent a copy.

1. 為確保參賽資格,參賽者必須填寫以下表格並提交所有正確信息(姓名、電子郵件號碼、聯繫電話)、大小和數字文件格式等。

2. 藝術品不得具有誹謗性或宣揚歧視任何特定群體的價值觀、煽動仇恨、露骨色情、種族貶損材料或具有冒犯性的內容。主辦機構和評審員保留拒絕接受作品和/或從比賽過程中撤回作品參賽的權利,尊重文化、種族、性別、年齡、性取向的多樣性,並不受 政治派別。

3. 參賽作品必須由參賽者自行完成。否則,該條目將無效。

4. 承辦單位可在其社交媒體賬號上發布書法作品,也可創建專門用於推廣中國書法及其藝術形式的賬號。

5. 比賽組織者將製作一本大賽獲獎作品集,其中將包括比賽中的獲獎作品及優秀作品。大賽入選作均會收到大賽作品集一本。

6. Prizes

1. $500 cash (1 prize)

2. $250 cash (2 prizes)

3. $100 cash (5 prizes)

4. Honourable Mentions (10 prizes) a signed copy of Jiangang Su’s Artist Book

1. 一等獎(一名)
500加幣現金和 藝術家簽名本
2. 二等獎(二名)
3. 三等獎(五名)
4. 優秀獎(十名)

申請人的網絡表格/ PDF表格:

名: _________________
姓: _________________

電子郵件地址: ______________


作品描述(不超過 100 字):________________
在此處上傳您的作品:(支持 pdf、png 和 jpeg 格式)


1. 主辦組織保留複製所有提交的藝術品的權利,僅用於展覽、營銷/廣告和促銷目的。創作者擁有藝術品的權利和知識產權,無權就展覽、廣告/營銷和促銷目的向主辦機構收取任何額外費用、佣金。

2. 藝術品可能會被拍照或分享到社交媒體渠道、營銷/廣告、展覽和促銷目的。
3. 作品不得侵犯他人的權利,包括但不限於版權和隱私權。
4. 藝術品的創作者授予主辦組織複製、出版和發行、展覽以及為促銷和營銷/展覽活動目的通過電信向公眾傳播的權利。此外,主辦方可授權第三方執行。
5. 藝術品的創作者確認、聲明並保證他或她對展覽的貢獻不會與任何第三方的任何協議衝突或侵犯或違反任何第三方的任何權利,包括任何版權、形象權、商標權、 或其他普通法或法定知識產權。
6. 創作者確認主辦方可能會也可能不會允許公眾拍攝、拍攝或錄製展覽。創作者授權並授予主辦方在任何和所有媒體(包括但不限於網站、社交媒體和出版物)中使用此類照片或錄音的權利,以宣傳展覽,並與主辦方的籌款、記錄保存和教育活動有關。創建者無權檢查或批准此類使用、接收此類使用的通知或收取此類使用的任何費用。
[ ] 我已閱讀並理解條款和條件



本人 ________________(“創作者”)鄭重聲明參賽作品為本人原創、構思和創作,不侵犯或侵犯任何人的任何專利、版權、商標、商號或其他專有權利 、組織或實體。

7. Please print or download the form above and submit all information and artworks to: [email protected]



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