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Chinese New Year 2021

Chinese New Year 2021

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The Chinese New Year festival celebrates the beginning of the new year in the traditional Chinese (or lunisolar) calendar. This year, on Friday February 12th we welcome the Year of the Ox.

In Chinese, it is known as the Spring Festival, 春節, as it occurs at the start of the Spring season in the traditional Chinese calendar. It is a time of family reunion and feasting, ancestor worship, celebration and traditional customs.

We invite you to celebrate the Year of the Ox with us! Connect virtually at home with a range of cultural programs and events for all ages, recreate the excitement in your classroom or bring a group to visit!



Did you know that in 104 BC, during the Han dynasty, a fixed date on the traditional Chinese calendar was decided upon to mark the start of the year and since then, festivities and celebrations have been held on this day?

Visit our Online Learning page for a chance to have fun while learning more about the unique history, traditions and delicious food that embody this joyous celebration!


It is said that a celebration is not a celebration without decorations!

You can build your own colourful Chinese New Year decorations with our Craft Kit, specially put together by our Education Team.

This Kit, includes a set of materials to easily make up to 24 decorations.


We are calling our for young artists to use the Story of Nian as inspiration, and send us your artistic creations!

Why do we see so much red around at Chinese New Year and why is it so NOISY?! The ancient story of Nian the monster tells us the answers.

Your works will be posted on our website during the Year of the Ox. Plus, every participant will be entered into a prize draw to win an exclusive Chinese New Year-themed prize.

Send a photo or file of your creation to: [email protected]


Have you ever wondered why there are so many red decorations around at New Year and why it is such a noisy time of year?

Did you know we honour a different animal at New Year according to the Chinese Zodiac?

We have asked Keann to narrate The Story of Nian and The Great Race.

One day, the Jade Emperor, ruler of all gods within Chinese mythology, announced to all the animals on the planet that he will host a race. The first 12 to finish the race will be chosen to join him in the imperial palace…

A long long time ago there was a ferocious monster named “Nian” with sharp teeth and horns…

The story is now available on Youtube! You are welcome to share it, recreate it or get inspired and be a part of our upcoming Young Artists Art Show


We have partnered with some amazing artists and instructors to offer a wide range of free experiences! The Garden encourages you to participate and celebrate Chinese New Year with us!

Qigong 氣功 Class

On February 17th at 9am PST, Lucas Trottier will lead us through a Qigong class.

The practice involves moving meditation, coordinating slow-flowing movements and deep breathing.

Find our more info about the artist and event here.

A Feast of Words with Fiona Tinwei Lam

On February 20th at 11am PST, Vancouver writer, Fiona Tinwei Lam will read poems from her book Odes & Laments and then lead a supportive writing session for participants on the theme of food, culture and celebrations.

Find our more info about the artist and event here.

Is Identity Relational (and/or Relative)? with Kristin Man

Kristin Man is a visual artist and writer who imagines that she is from the planet of Venus. In real life, she is Hong Kong born, has lived in the UK and the US, and has relocated back to Vancouver from Italy. Challenging unauthentic boundaries, respecting diversity and celebrating oneness are important to her. Globalisation, migration, anthropocene and consumerism among many common human issues have generated questions regarding our identity as individuals and in relation to other human beings as well as our environment. We invite you to join us to explore our sense of identity through Kristin’s photographic relationships. Self-portrait with Kristin wearing her own printed scarf and with the background by the tapestry created both based on the same unique 3-d hand-woven piece titled “Oppositional Complements”, and her own designed brooch featuring the symbol of the “A-MARE” series.

Find our more info about the artist and event here.

Art Talk with Emiko M. Venlet, TBD

Emiko is a local artist whose work explores how still life paintings can recreate memories and stories through the nostalgia found in common objects

She will talk about how any path in life leads to where you are meant to go, and by doing so, finding your artist voice within. She’ll also present a demo on how she paints a simple Matisse like still life and how you can do it yourself!.


Carefully curated by our Educational Team, we have developed Chinese New Year Lesson Kits and Chinese New Year Props Kits to help you recreate all the excitement and joy this celebration is all about!

From teaching plans to decorations and crafts, your classroom will be bustling with creativity!


As the first Ming Dynasty-style garden-home built outside of China and located right in the heart of Chinatown, we are the perfect setting to learn about the traditions and stories of this exciting festival.



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