May 08, 2020 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Art Talks – “Calligraffiti” with Bryan Mulvihill

This week, the Garden is happy to present Bryan Mulvihill and “Calligraffiti”.

Bryan began the study of Chinese ink brush painting at the age of 10 in Vancouver’s Chinatown, at Universal Arts, under Master Llyod Yee a master of the Mustard Seed Garden Manual, a famous Chinese painting manual that detailed the brush strokes for the entire range of Chinese traditional landscape painting. He specialised in the Chan/Zen calligraphy, where the state of mind is the essential element in the way of the brush. 

After traveling extensively in Asia, practicing Buddhist lineages of mind training, art and tea ceremony, Bryan befriended Brion Gysin in Paris, where he was introduced to the Cut-Up techniques. Gysin, who had also come in contact with Japanese ink brush techniques, encouraged Bryan to apply Cut-Up techniques to these Chan/Zen calligraphic works, which Gysin labeled “calligraffiti”. 

Join us for a free virtual talk on May 8th as Bryan gives an illustrated talk outlining the development philosophy and techniques of “calligraffiti”.

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If you want to get to familiarise yourself with Bryan Mulvihill’s work, please check his website here.

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