Jul 13, 2018

鹹水埠溫哥華/咸水埠温哥华/Haam Sui Fow Wun Goh Wah

Occupying Chinatown Summer Exhibition

The first new site-specific work to be created as part of Paul Wong’s Occupying Chinatown residency is 鹹水埠溫哥華/咸水埠温哥华/Haam Sui Fow Wun Goh Wah (Saltwater City-Vancouver). These two text pieces acknowledge Chinatown’s Toisanese settlers, and are presented at the Garden: one “wooden” and the other neon.

The neon piece is a temporary exhibit at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, with the hope being to move it to a permanent home at another location in Chinatown following the exhibition. Visitors to the Garden can vote for their preferred location.

This exhibition is on display through February 2019.

An exhibition of LAIWAN’s film Movement for Two Grannies: Five Variations provided artistic accompaniment in the Scholar’s Study from July 13 to September 23, 2018. This piece features two Chinese grannies engaged in a moment of intimate and affectionate friendship.

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