Intro to the Garden

Welcome to the Dr Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden Online Activities!

A Scholar and his family would have lived in a home and garden just like ours in the Ming Dynasty period (1368 – 1644). There would have been many family members living together including the Scholar’s parents, his wives, their children, aunts, uncles and cousins. The family were rich so they would have servants who also lived in the home.

Welcome to a Chinese Classical Garden

This first picture shows our garden in Vancouver and the second picture shows what a garden and home like ours looked like in Ancient China. Can you see the similarities? How are these homes different to yours?

What was it like to be a kid living in a home like this?

When children were young, they would have been educated in reading, writing and numbers by the women in the house. As they grew older, boys and girls were educated separately. Boys would study philosophy and classical literature and girls would learn embroidery, sewing and cooking. In a rich family, both boys and girls would continue to study reading, calligraphy (writing) and art.

Here are some ways children in the Ming Dynasty used to have fun – and some ways you can join in too!

Ancient Toys

Ancient Crafts


Starting October 1st the Garden will be open 11am-4pm Friday - Sunday

Explore our Mid-Autumn Moon decorations during your next visit to the Garden and tune in with us on social as we celebrate this annual festival virtually!