Mid Autumn Festival Learning Activities

In honour of this ancient fall festival, we have put together a series of learning tools and activities to bring the festivities into your home!

Read through the information posters below, and then complete the corresponding question sheets and activities. Included are activities on stories and poetry, cultural festivals, and arts and crafts.



Ancient Roots | Food and Drink | The Moon | Traditions | Stories and Poetry

Learning Activities:

Mid Autumn Moon Learning Activities

What is Mid-Autumn Moon?

Mid Autumn Moon, or Mid Autumn Festival is an annual festival celebrated when the moon is at its fullest after the autumnal equinox, sometime between mid-September and early October.

Mid-Autumn festivals held in honour of the full moon and to give thanks for a good harvest. These festivals are celebrated in China and throughout Asia in varying ways.

Explore our learning posters and activities above to learn more! 

For more fun festive activities to do with your family, why not try your hand at making lanterns or mooncakes?

Lantern making:



Make mooncakes:



Starting October 1st the Garden will be open 11am-4pm Friday - Sunday

Explore our Mid-Autumn Moon decorations during your next visit to the Garden and tune in with us on social as we celebrate this annual festival virtually!