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History and Immigration

History and Immigration

History and Immigration Field Trips and Resources

Our Garden in Chinatown is the perfect place to bring history to life. Programs in this section discuss content such as immigration and discriminatory government policies and their legacies. Themes relate directly to the Social Studies curriculum. 

Other Social Studies content covered here includes Chinese inventions and innovation.

For Grades 4 and up.

Contact us to book a field trip. We look forward to welcoming you!


Crossing Borders, Removing Barriers Project

Follow the story of Lorraine Lowe, current Executive Director of our Garden, whose Great-Grandfather immigrated to Canada from China in the early 20th Century. Discover lessons about immigrating to Canada in the early 20th Century, life in Canada as an immigrant, Human Rights and much more in our free student worksheets.

Free Teacher’s Guide and classroom kit also available. Suitable for Gr 5+

Hidden Figures

A printable collection of the real life stories of notable Chinese Canadians (PDF). Written for intermediate level students with teaching notes and resource ideas.  Perfect for Asian Heritage Month!

Chinese Canadian History Resources

There are many excellent resources available about the important history of the Chinese Canadian experience.

Discover places to visit plus recommendations for websites, books and films.

This page will be updated frequently to reflect new exhibits, research and recommendations.
Hidden Figures


Crossing Borders: An Immigrant's Tale (Grades 4 and up)

90 minutes | $8 per student

Using our immigration suitcases and other materials, learn about the objects, stories, and lives of Chinese immigrants and those they interacted with in ‘Gold Mountain’ from the mid-1800s onwards. 

Please note this program takes place in our Garden but does not include a Garden Tour. A Garden tour can be added to your program – please contact us for more information.
Combine with Chinatown Walking Tour: $16 per student
Combine with Mini Garden Tour: $11 per student

Chinatown, Existing (Grades 9 and 10)

NOTE: Available until March 31st 2023. Check back for more details after this date!
3 hours | $24 per student

Chinese Canadians have had and continue to have diverse and complex relationships with Canada. Racial discrimination against Chinese Canadians in particular was prevalent in Canadian history, yet the individual voices of Chinese Canadians and their stories of resilience are often left out of the historical narrative.

In this three-part field trip consisting of a visit to the Chinese Canadian Museum, the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden, as well as a mini Chinatown walking tour, students will explore the endurance of Vancouver Chinatown and the resilience of the Chinese Canadian community through stories of food, community, and activism.

Please note this program takes place in our Garden but does not include a Garden Tour. A Garden tour can be added to your program – please contact us for more information.

Visit the Chinatown, Existing webpage for more information and to make a booking.

Chinatown Walking Tour (all grades)

60-90 minutes | $13 per student

We are privileged to be situated in Vancouver’s Chinatown and surrounded by the history and living culture of the Chinese Canadian experience. Visit our neighbourhood and discover its historic buildings, traditional markets, family associations, and stories of hardship and resilience.

Combined Chinatown Field Trip Experiences

Contact us to arrange a combined field trip experience with our Chinatown partners: the Chinatown Storytelling Centre or the Chinese Canadian Museum.

Master Fong's Fireworks (Grades 4 and up)

120 minutes | $8 per student

Many things were invented by the Ancient Chinese, including fireworks. Learn about Chinese inventions in the Garden, and end the program by launching Alka-Seltzer fire arrows!

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