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Crossing Borders, Removing Barriers – Part II

Crossing Borders, Removing Barriers – Part II

Crossing Borders, Removing Barriers is a free resource for teachers.

“As a second generation Chinese Canadian, Lorraine Lowe continues with her father’s efforts to bridge the Chinese and Canadian community through her work at the Vancouver Chinese Garden. With four generations of family history in Canada, she carries the legacy of pioneers with a desire to build an inclusive community.”

Based on the real life story of the Great Grandfather of Lorraine Lowe, Executive Director of Dr Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden. This Part II Teacher Guide is a continuation of the Crossing Borders and Removing Barriers project. While Part I explored early Chinese immigration from the early to mid-1900s with a focus on Low Yuet Wing, Phase II explores the evolution of Chinese Canadian identity and responses to discrimination from the mid-1900s to early 2000s with a focus on Len Lowe and Lorraine Lowe.

This resource is based around the BC Social Studies curriculum and is aimed at Grade 5 level but with options for extension questions for higher grades.

There are 2 lessons:
Lesson 1: Changing Canadian Identity

Lesson 2: Towards an Inclusive Future


With thanks to the Lowe family, our teacher-advisors and our education and design team!


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A classroom kit will be available with reproductions of the photos and articles in the worksheets, plus other materials needed for the activities in the worksheets.

This resource will be free to rent and teachers will be able to pick it up at the Chinese Garden.

More details soon.