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We all are artists at heart!

We want to thank all the artists who have donated their time and collaborated with us over the past months.

Their undeniable creativity and moving works have helped us to stay connected and engaged through thoughtful and unique presentations.

From the deeply personal “My Art Philosophies” with Lam Wong, “Migrations” with Gu Xiong, “Remembering the Forgotten Through Art” by Jason Li, “The Garden and Art as a Sanctuary” by Shayla Perreault or Art and Mental Health” with Katie So, these lectures dived into some very personal places selflessly shared by the artists.

With “The Art of Photography” by Evelyn Nodwell, “Documenting an ever-changing Chinatown” and more recently “I Was Lured Into a Tea Shop” by Jonathan Desmond Wong, we were invited to see special moments captured through these photographers’ lenses.

“Murals of Gratitude” by Abi Taylor, “Traditional Structures were saturated, so I had to leave” with Graciela aka Animalitoland, “Unexpected Colour Palettes” with Olivia Knight and “Comics, Catharsis and Connecting to Culture” with Justine Crawford, introduced us to some of the incredible new wave of talent blooming in Vancouver, who coloured our city with murals and messages of hope, joy and kindness.

“Calligraffiti” with Bryan Mulvihill,  “Contemporary Landscape Painting” by Gavin Lynch, “Breaking the Rules” with Tafui Mclean and “Luminous Garden” with Lam Wong and Glenn Lewis, brought a different understanding of what bridges art and painting and calligraphy.

“Dancing Through the Lens” with Evann Siebens, “Empty Full” with Ziyian Kwan and “Alternative (Extractive) Realities” with Tsēmā Igharas took us through an introspective path and propelled us to learn, seek knowledge and staying true to who we are.

Nina Kuznetsova with “Impressions of the Garden” and “Hand Drawn Vancouver: A conversation with Emma FitzGerald” allowed us to re-imagine Vancouver and some of its landmarks through watercolour and drawing pen.

As we take a step back and acknowledge the overwhelming knowledge, artistry and significance every single one of our lecturers have shared with us, we welcome you to join us Friday, January 15th for a very special Talk, with Kali Spitzer, who will bring “Indigenous Complexities” to light.

Our Art Talk Series has concluded for 2020, but stay tuned for a second series set to launch in early 2021!